Sasha’s Short List of the Top Three Best 2017 Tech Gadgets (For Now)

Another year, another run of the best items in technology and gadgetry. There is always something out that deserves some extra attention and maybe even a purchase. Below are the top three of Sasha’s short list of gadgets (for now, at least). Some of these items may have been around for a little while, but now is the best time to buy. From the fun and the silly to the purely functional, these gadgets could be life-altering if tech geeks really take the time to learn about the world they inhabit.

Cost-Affordable Drones

Speaking of an entirely different world, drones are taking off. Now, it is very likely that the popularity of drones will force legislators to take action. It is legal to fly drones over public spaces in some areas, but it is unlikely to be that way for long. At the very least, enthusiasts can take advantage of flexible drone laws by jumping into any of the four major model types that are available in the mass marketplace. This is possibly the greatest innovation here. Drones, once collector items for high-end gadget enthusiasts, are now widely available. Buyers can snag a drone for around $50.

Bluetooth Speakers

The great thing about mobile Bluetooth speakers is that they are entirely mobile. Now, the fact that they are Bluetooth should show that the speakers are mobile, but some Bluetooth speakers are more mobile than others. The larger speakers can boast fantastic sound, but the smaller ones can easily fit into a bag for camping or travel.

Medium- Priced Curved Televisions

When curved televisions launched in the United States, the average price was about $4,000. This has, thankfully and enthusiastically, been rectified with a helping of moderately-priced curved televisions. There are even some bargain bin priced curved televisions listed with a number of major online vendors, but these items could be knock-offs are made very poorly. It is best to go with a median-priced curved television, which could set tech buyers back a few hundred dollars.

There was a time where curved televisions might have gone the way of the 3D TV, but they seem to want to stick around. Now is the time to buy any of the above items to take advantage of the best prices so far.

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