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The Different Patch Types Available

There are various reasons why you might consider adding patches to your clothes and they are popular with the youths today. Some of the ways you can get a patch is by making it yourself using some piece of fabric, you can also purchase one that is pre-made from stores that sell them, or request a custom design for yourself. Patches can be added to different types of clothing materials such as jeans, uniforms, and more. For most youths the patches are more of design enhancement and the beauty of the outfit.

Sometimes your favourite clothing can develop hole, while every other part is just okey and since you might not be prepared to lose your piece clothing due to a hole, you can add a patch to cover up the hole. Patches are also common in uniforms of military personnel whereby a certain unit can have s different patch type from another unit and generally the patches use in such fields have s guideline hence you can’t just use your individually chosen patch design. There are various types of patches and they are also added to the clothing if choice in different ways depending on the one that is most convenient and applicable. On jackets, uniforms and hats, you must have seen the type of patch that is referred to as embroidered patch as they are among the most popular type of patches. The embroidered patches are made with different percentages of embroidery which affects the texture of the patch.

For the printed patches, an image or text or design is chosen and then printed on a blank piece of fabric and therefore achieving the printed patches. These type of patches are easy to achieve since printing takes less time and they gave no color limitation which makes then very suitable for patches that are required in multiple colors. For identification of individual staff working in a certain company, the company can have their names as the patches in their work clothes and some companies have their company name on the patch. These type of patches are normally easy to make ad they don’t involve a lot of work and the company can purchase them as blank patches or as finished customized products.

When required in large numbers and the design required is not the same for all the patches, the patches can be bought in large amounts as blank patches for later customization and processes such as embroidery can be used to customize them.

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