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Elements Causing Immigration Issues

Immigration is when people move to another country which they are not natives in or are citizens, this is because everyone has a state where they did originate from. For them to be naturalized citizens they have to decide on settling permanently. The humanitarian immigrants migrate to the closest region while the economical migrants immigrants migrate in search of work, these are the two types of immigrants. The immigration of people can be caused by social, political or economic factors.

Political instability is a factor that causes immigration and mostly felt among the undeveloped countries. With the constant wars people fear for their lives and rarely work since they stay indoors because the environment is not conducive for them. It is hard to live a normal life when there are wars since there is no peace. Most of the humanitarian immigrants migrate because of the political reasons and seeks refuge to the closest region, but this does not mean that they cannot seek for another state to settle down. Wars caused by ethnicity, religion, race and cultural persecution also makes people to migrate to.

With the many changes in the atmosphere causing the environment to change, it could result to ecological disruption. Change of the weather may be caused by the ecological disruption where you find it rarely rains making the crops not to grow and worsening the security of water. There is a high rate of starvation and high scarcity of water when there is ecological disruption. With the rampant death because there is no food or water people tend to migrate in search for greener pastures.

If a country is undeveloped and has a large population, it might be hard to find employment and if many people are not employed they turn to stealing which brings insecurity among the people. It might also be hard to find employment if the country is corrupt where in order to get a job you must have to pay a fee, it might be disadvantageous for the poor since they may not have money to pee the fee. With this people do migrate to better state which are developed and are not corrupt for them to get employment.

Some people do migrate so that they have freedom in their religion or others migrate so that they can get education especially for those who do not let the women to get educated. Better opportunities in life, job or education may make one to migrate. Epidemics can cause people to migrate, it could be floods which is making it hard for people to reside or it can be diseases which are killing people.

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