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The Various Immigration Matters That Require Prompt Discussion

Immigration is where a person chooses to move into a new Country and make it his or her permanent residence. The reason for moving may vary, as some people move to seek job opportunities and others are seeking refuge. Whenever volumes of people move it is bound to cause immigration matters. Thus some people will argue that migration bring more positive things than negative things while others will oppose it. Instead of supporting any side blindly it is essential to learn more about these immigration issues. Read more here to find the various immigration matters that require prompt discussion.

The first point to the immigration debate is the impact it has on the labor market. Movement of people into a new area increase labor supply. Immigrants are very open to working in places where locals will not. Maybe the work is degrading to a person or has a meager pay. Therefore the immigration debate is whether immigrants have a negative or positive impact on the labor market. The benefit of immigration is it increases labor supply, which is one of the elements of production. An economy will grow if there is the high production of products and services as result of high labor supply. However, some locals see the immigrants as competition for the limited job opportunities. Thus some locals are very hostile towards the immigrants. Thus the immigration debate need to find answers to this labor issue. The plan is to promote peace and unity among the immigrants and the locals.

Security threat is the other key point to the sensitive immigration debate. Many states will require foreigners to be thoroughly screened before being allowed into the country. There has been significant security breach caused by the foreigners. However not all immigrants are a danger to the security of a country. Just like any country there are bad people and good people. The same applies to foreigners. Thus to address the immigration issue the policymakers need to be very objective and develop a mechanism for screening people before they move into the country.

The immigration debate will also discuss the illegal immigrants’ issue. Illegal immigrants are individual living in a foreign country without the consent of the government. Such people live in fear of being caught and deported back to their countries. Usually the strict policy of being registered as a citizen of the country is what causes people to live illegally in a foreign country. The government has a significant role to play to reduce the number of illegal immigrants in a country.

To find a viable solution there is need to discuss the various immigration issue objectively.

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